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Inspiration · 29. August 2018
Why attend a BOHO HOSPITALITY community workshop? To get your creative juices flowing. Join us in Cedar City, Utah and see how your personal brand of hospitality can make you money. Why work for someone else when you can make your home a heart based business travelers desire?

Inspiration · 26. August 2018
Miss Kathy opens her doors to travelers in tiny Crystal, Nevada and inspired me to run around with my camera taking a whole slew of fab photos. When will YOU open your doors to paying short term guests?

Community Workshop · 11. August 2018
We're coming back to Arizona in August! Want to get out of the heat in the desert? Join us in the White Mountains AND take in a community workshop to learn about running your own Best Kind of DIY Inn.

Community Workshop · 27. June 2018
I can't wait to offer these hands-on, personalized workshops for enterprising, would-be DIY Inn hosts across the southwest.

Mentoring · 26. June 2018
Julie created BOHO HOSPITALITY because we’re all craving to be more connected with each other. On the personal side, this translates into lovely home-based DIY Inns where travelers feel welcome and valued. On the business side, BoHosts are given the tools and guidance needed to make their home (or a portion of their home) a money making enterprise that complements their chosen lifestyle instead of competing for their time.