Friends & Family · 02. March 2019
Book your return visit to the Cottontail Inn HERE and save nearly 20% on your next stay!

02. March 2019
Check out what's going on with BOHO HOSPITALITY by following Julie @JulieBoHost on Instagram.

02. March 2019
It's time to get up out of my comfy chair and hit the road for more BOHO HOSPITALITY community workshops!

Model Home · 01. March 2019
Stay at the COTTONTAIL INN the next time you visit sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

Community Workshop · 13. September 2018
Cool breezes and autumn colors make this desert dweller swoon for Southern Utah. BOHO HOSPITALITY shows locals how to welcome guests into their homes on September 29th.

Model Home · 08. September 2018
The TIKI HOUSE LV is BOHO HOSPITALITY'S very own guest house in Sin City. We're all about capturing the Viva Las Vegas vibe as guests interact with each other in our community spaces including our newly updated living room and tiki bar.

Inspiration · 06. September 2018
BoHost Karen has an amazing property in Tempe right there in The Lakes. Not only is she rocking it with her solid 5-star reviews, her personal brand of hospitality was the inspiration leading BOHO HOSPITALITY to curate this idea board.

Inspiration · 29. August 2018
Why attend a BOHO HOSPITALITY community workshop? To get your creative juices flowing. Join us in Cedar City, Utah and see how your personal brand of hospitality can make you money. Why work for someone else when you can make your home a heart based business travelers desire?

Inspiration · 26. August 2018
Miss Kathy opens her doors to travelers in tiny Crystal, Nevada and inspired me to run around with my camera taking a whole slew of fab photos. When will YOU open your doors to paying short term guests?

Community Workshop · 20. August 2018
What do you love about the West? Inviting travelers into your home helps others experience the vast beauty of our home and reminds us why we're here.

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