Travelers Remind Us of the Value of Home

The allure of the Wild, Wild West can sometimes get lost on those of us who live here when we're stuck in traffic or busy with whatever life throws us. 


It's when I take the time to wander that I'm reminded of how special it is to live where the land and sky are vast, rugged, and full of mystery.  A rusted out old car or tin can full of lead reminds me of the wanderers who came before. These kinds of "historical markers" are only one of the reasons I love living in the Southwest.


One of the best things about being on the road for BOHO HOSPITALITY conducting community education workshops across the Southwest is getting lost in thought on what feels like an endless highway going nowhere.

A rusted out old car or tin can full of lead reminds me of the wanderers who came before

Opening up my home to so many world travelers over the years helps me resee what makes my home special. The TIKI HOUSE filled with vintage knick knacks, neon images, and hand-designed furnishings give it a welcoming, authentically Viva Las Vegas vibe. It suits me, my personality, and my crazy, wild Sin City town. I well up with pride every time a guest reminds me that what I provide for them--my home--is indeed special.

Join me and become a Do-It-Yourself Innkeeper


Travelers from all over the world want to experience what we call home: majestic rocks cut from the earth, jutting into the sky; a vast galaxy of stars lighting up the night; and the simple joys that come from breathing in wide open spaces.

The next BOHO HOSPITALITY community education workshop is on September 20th at 7:00pm. You can join us live in Pahrump or in Elko, Ely and Battle Mountain using the interactive television technology provided by Great Basin College.   

Here's a preview:

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