Surprise! AirBNB Looks Bad (Again)

Scrolling through the Bloomberg news story by Olivia Zaleski,  I saw  complaints that are now common place in any news story featuring AirBNB:  


The giant homesharing business is "co-opting paradise,"  and regular people are "forced to share a refuge" with a "huge rotating cast" of travelers.  Yadda yadda.


In her article, "Surprise, You Live in a Giant AirBNB!" Zaleski found about a dozen of residents (some she interviewed) who helped her shape her angle: AirBNB will come into your neighborhood and ruin it.


That's the word on the street. I get it. AirBNB is so busy building its business that they're not investing in lobbyists and PR firms that can help stop the media feeding frenzy. We're all bleeding because of it.  Shame on AirBNB.


Many DIY Inn hosts are struggling to find ways to make our listings legal, legitimate and free to operate with the blessing of HOAs and local municipalities.  Living in a community like Domain (highlighted in Zaleski's article) would be a dream come true!


DOMAIN RESIDENTS IMAGINE THIS: Not only will you now be able to rent out a spare room in your apartment without worrying about being shut down by the management, but you will meet all sorts of people from around the world. You can regularly make new, interesting friends.  The income generated from listing a room will realistically cover ALL your rent and utilities (I've done it for years), and that money could now become available for other things (like traveling).


I don't know about you, but I would welcome that opportunity with open arms! Sign me up for a lease!


The setting for this article is Orlando, Florida. The residents interviewed in the article are concerned about tourists being in their community.  Really?  You mean the same exact tourists who make Orlando thrive?


Anyone who lives in a tourist-heavy community understands that tourism is our business. It's our livelihood. Expecting to not be impacted by tourism in Orlando (or in my case, Las Vegas) is not only naive, it's disingenuous.


BOHO HOSPITALITY exists today because I've found that being a DIY Inn host has been one of the best experiences in my life. I'm hoping this newest business venture will help others get over the proverbial humps (like backlash to AirBNB's bad press) so more people can welcome short-term guests in their homes (and visit similar homes across the globe) in a way that best serves their family and community.


I'm available for interviews, Ms. Zaleski. I look forward to hearing from you.



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