Southern Utah Welcomes BOHO HOSPITALITY This Fall

Nothing says autumn quite like an aspen grove. The twinkling of yellow leaves in the cool breeze seem to say,


Now's the time to start thinking about hunkering down . . . .



I had the pleasure of hunkering down in Southern Utah this past week, and it definitely hit a RECHARGE button in my soul. Not only did I get to indulge in homemade wine and ice cream, but I got to meet with the folks at Southern University of Utah's Community Education and Academic Experiences department. 


This fall they're hosting a whole slew of courses and workshops for community members. BOHO HOSPITALITY will be among the offerings as we have workshops for both a beginner and intermediate DIY Innkeepers. Let us help you tap into your personal brand of hospitality and join us at one of our workshops!

For people who aren't sure if hosting a vacation rental is for them, BOHO HOSPITALITY offers "DIY Inns: Is Vacation Rental Hosting for You?" on September 29th.

Check out this slideshow and see what our workshop "DIY Inns: Is Vacation Rental Hosting for You?" is all about

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