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Mentoring · 26. June 2018
Julie created BOHO HOSPITALITY because we’re all craving to be more connected with each other. On the personal side, this translates into lovely home-based DIY Inns where travelers feel welcome and valued. On the business side, BoHosts are given the tools and guidance needed to make their home (or a portion of their home) a money making enterprise that complements their chosen lifestyle instead of competing for their time.

Model Home · 27. May 2018
BOHO HOSPITALITY has a new model home in Southern California. Using the owners' possessions as a starting place, Julie redesigned this two-story suburban home with light southwestern and Farmhouse accents. Coming soon!

BoHost · 19. May 2018
It's time to dive in and take the plunge. BOHO HOSPITALITY is going on the road to Arizona.

02. May 2018
It seems as though a day doesn't go by without AirBNB being portrayed in the media as the "bad guy." Let's be fair . . . some of this is warranted. However, some of it isn't. Here's my take on a recent Bloomberg story by Olivia Zaleski.