Model Home

Model Home · 01. March 2019
Stay at the COTTONTAIL INN the next time you visit sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

Model Home · 08. September 2018
The TIKI HOUSE LV is BOHO HOSPITALITY'S very own guest house in Sin City. We're all about capturing the Viva Las Vegas vibe as guests interact with each other in our community spaces including our newly updated living room and tiki bar.

Model Home · 17. July 2018
Meet our newest BoHost in Las Vegas, Nevada! Jeff has opened the doors to the TIKI HOUSE. Guests can now choose from three distinct listings.

Model Home · 17. July 2018
Julie was hired by retired owners in Southern California to redesign their large Morrison Ranch home in Agoura Hills so they could downsize and sell. Using a "zero budget" strategy, Julie makes design choices that cost little to nothing by repurposing, moving, and reinventing what you already have.

Model Home · 07. July 2018
Our TIKI NOOK is looking pretty snazzy! Check it out--or even better--book it today!

Model Home · 02. July 2018
Enjoy a picture show with running commentary of our SoCal Model home located in the south meadows of Morrison Ranch. #ComingSoon #PocketSale (Summer 2018)

Model Home · 27. May 2018
BOHO HOSPITALITY has a new model home in Southern California. Using the owners' possessions as a starting place, Julie redesigned this two-story suburban home with light southwestern and Farmhouse accents. Coming soon!

Model Home · 29. April 2018
BOHO HOSPITALITY unveiled its current model home on April 25th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Working with the architecture and Julie's stash of vintage finds, this eclectic "tiki house" is both functional and welcoming.