Have BOHO HOSPITALITY take the guesswork out of creating and managing the best kind of DIY Inn experience: Where hosts and guests feel at home. 

What's a DIY Inn, anyway?

A Do-It-Yourself Inn (DIY Inn) is a home based Bed-&-Breakfast popularized by television shows like #stayhere and online platforms like AirBNB. Anyone with a little time and a passion for people can become a DIY Inn innkeeper. 

The TIKI HOUSE is BoHost Jeff's current DIY Inn in Las Vegas.

Contact Julie today and have BOHO HOSPITALITY help you open and operate your DIY Inn.





Making guests feel welcome isn’t rocket science, so why do so many vacation rental listings look more like an afterthought than a welcoming  getaway you can’t wait to visit? Just like every Do-It-Yourself enterprise, it’s challenging to create an appealingly professional brand without losing that personal, Mom & Pop appeal. Choose BOHO HOSPITALITY and receive private mentoring where you learn tricks-of-the-trade first hand so you can start and operate your most appealing (and profitable) DIY Inn.

We Start With YOU


The fun, eclectic style of BOHO HOSPITALITY incorporates anything and everything--the key to having it work for your DIY Inn is that it matches YOU and how you live your life. 


Starting with what you own, we incorporate creative accents so guests feel comfortable.  We repurpose as much as we can (just so long as it's useable and loved). This keeps costs down without sacrificing style.

We're Locally Global


BOHO HOSPITALITY is a network of experienced, high quality hosts (BoHosts) who provide warm, inviting rooms and houses for their short term paying guests.


Our emphasis is on building a network of BoHosts in communities where people want to live AND travel. By spreading our good neighbor values through hands-on workshops and professional seminars across the southwest, our DIY Inns inspire true human connections. 



Have our experts at BOHO HOSPITALITY make moving to a smaller space more manageable by creating inviting, market-ready interiors using your furniture and accessories.


Have us cull, repurpose and stage YOUR personal items to help sell your home--and downsize-- with minimal hassle.


Julie Robinson, owner of BOHO HOSPITALITY has a knack for words, repurposed furniture, and extreme bargain hunting. After successfully turning spare rooms into profitable, whimsical hideaways for 500+ guests, Julie's newest venture takes her expertise and tailors it into a heart-based business where connecting to other people is the number one priority.

Contact Julie today at julie.bohohospitality@gmail.com